What are MegaGames?


MegaGames are board games for big group of people, typically more than 20 people.

MegaGames are part board game, part role playing where each player take up a specific role with a specific objective. Teamwork, planning and negotiations are required in this game.


  • MegaGames emphasizes a lot of interactions intra and inter-teams
  • Negotiations: teams will have to strike a deal with one another
  • Fun: The single-most important element in a game
  • Realistic: Our games are realistic and relevant in current affairs
  • Discovery: you will discover an unknown side of your friend or colleague
  • Critical Thinking: some of our difficult games will need more critical thinking and problem solving

Alliance MegaGame


The world needs new leadership. Are you ready to be prime minister, a military commander, a calculating economist, or a mad scientist? Each nation-team will have to negotiate, compete, collude, go to war, and collaborate to resolve countless international conflicts

Designed by Shaun D. McMillan, and inspired by John Hunter’s World Peace Game, ALLIANCE can be played by with small groups, entire classrooms, or large combined groups. Players work together to lead their nations towards peace using economic strategies, defensive strategies, negotiations, and creative technologies based on each player’s endless imagination.


Designer Shaun McMillan in Texas MegaGame

Role playing as a General

Nations negotiating with one another

Scientists exploring new research opportunities

Scientists exploring new research opportunities

Voting for the best technology innovation

Voting for the best technology innovation

Briefing by our Game Master

Chief of Defense gathered here for war and espionage activities

Rolling for clues and rumors

Intense discussion within South Korea team


Watch the Skies MegaGame


Watch the Skies is the most popular MegaGame played globally including UK, USA, Australia, France, Belgium and Taiwan etc. The story behind the game is that we are in the real world of the year 2025.


The conspiracy theories about the existence of aliens and UFOs are in fact true – though the people of the world do not know that yet. Deciding when to admit publicly to the world that aliens are real will be an important question for players to discuss right from the start.


Players represent the important government leaders, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Diplomats, Generals and Scientists. Players will have to deal with real world crises such as wars and earthquakes – BUT – at the same time deal with an increasing UFO menace without creating world-wide panic and terror.

In the game players will be making deals and treaties with other teams – trying to increase the wealth of their country and possibly even getting into conflicts using their Armies, Navies and Special Agents. The game is all about how players interact with the other teams.


Battle Map

Prime Ministers Solving Crises

Aliens Lurking on Earth

Battling the Alien Saucers

Scientists Upgrading their Science Technology

Media Reporter listening to USA's discussions

Russia Hard at Work

China Planning their Military Move

X Kingdoms MegaGame


Scene is set in Three Kingdoms era in China, where Warlords seek to gain resources, expand territories, achieve team objectives, while at the same time, hope to gain popularity from their people.

No. of players: 14 - 36

Duration: 2.5 - 3hrs

What to expect: Negotiations, Interactions, Dice-throwing, Strategizing, Spying on other teams and maybe witnessing your friends' true colors :)


More Games to come

We are in the midst of developing more games. Stay tune!