Corporate Team Building


Planning for team bonding, staff retreats or fun-filled activities? B Gamers facilitates team bonding and staff retreats with various games based on your company's needs.


Several elements that you may consider in a team building activity:

Pure Laughter, Light-Hearted, Drawing, Flicking, Critical thinking, Co-operative, Situational tests, Negotiation, Tactical Game Plans, Strategic Planning .... you name it.


B Gamers has hosted for various companies and teams, ages ranging from young to old. Group sizes ranges from 8 to >30.




We have organized for multiple groups for team bonding and we enjoy bringing fun and laughter to others as each team bonds


Corporate Team Building Board Game
Team Bonding
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Team Retreats

Playing board games are also a good way to relax during retreats. Smiles on their faces


Team Retreat Board Game
Church Team Bonding
Church Team Bonding